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A REPORT ON LEGALITY will avoid the sell of houses located on non-building areas

A REPORT ON LEGALITY will avoid the sell of houses located on non-building areas

This certificate wil be made by Judicial Real-Estate Experts and the
Association ALOJA ESPAÑA

It was making nothing presage to the founders of the Association ALOJA ESPAÑA, ONG created in 1999 to facilitate the access of unprotected sectors of population to the housing, and creator of the embryo of the current national and autonomic legislation on the subject of rent, which in 2007 his principal work carries out in the acquirers' defense of housings that are constructed on areas not urbanizables, being probably an object of records of demolition, for the Autonomic Communities, principally in Andalusia, Murcia and the Valencian Community.

It is a question of the existence, already regrettably verified and widely publicized, of frauds realized towards buyers of real estate in the whole Mediterranean Coast, principally British and Spanish citizens, across the selling of properties located in areas not destined for the construction of housings, and that now, the owners who acquired them treat literally of “ throwing the dead person to other ”.
The principal problem takes root in that "seemingly" the houses are provided with all the legal permissions, because these have been granted by the town halls in the suitable form and the housings, in the majority of the occasions, they could have been even inscribed in the Record of the Property; official organ that credits the entitlement of the properties in Spain.

But the reality is different different well, due to the scandalous performances to the margin of the law that some municipal governments have carried out, principally of municipalities of the Coast, although also in other many of the interior.

These performances have consisted of granting planning permissions to builders and promoters in areas that legally had no qualification for it, going so far as even to grant permissions to construct in areas especially protected. Neither for it, the most cautious nor buyer he can think that as soon as the license was granted to act, this one can be checked and revoked by the Autonomic Administration; being able in case that has realized the housing to arrange his demolition. It is anticipated that only in Marbella there are more than 30.000 illegal housings, of which many of his current owners still do not know the danger of such a situation. There are different the citizens' platforms that their own blogs have created to denounce situations how are you, serving as example as http: // blog.iespana.es/plataforma29marzo/8.

In other cases, the town halls simply “ have looked at another side ” with regard to the achievement of works in areas not qualified like urbanizables, allowing with such a attitude that unscrupulous sellers should fool to the buy of housings placed preferably in rural zones, they giving to understand that the above mentioned planning permissions are not necessary and that this way it is the habitual way of acting.

The most famous case had been that of the order of demolition of the Hotel in The Algarrobico placed in the locality of Carboneras (Almeria), but there are great others more. Without going further, only in the small municipality of Albox, there are more than 2.000 affected Britons whose housings are "illegal". And this way we might continue for other many points of the Spanish geography.
Jointly with the undeniable damage that has caused them to whom they chose Spain as place of residence, one finds the enormous damage that one did him to the image of Spain and to all those Spanish companies that develop his activities in the most strict frame of the observance of the law and the current regulations.
The Association ALOJA ESPAÑA worried by this painful incident, there is the exposed one to design and to implement a service of investigation on the files and legal rules of the Junta de Andalucia and the different Offices of the Administration of the State involved in the topic.
For it, it will grant those who request it, a REPORT ON LEGALITY that will represent the summary of the investigation that it will carry out Judicial Real estate Experts recommended by the proper Association Lark, and that there will throw the exact state of the good to buy, from the legal and normative point of view; verifying that the housing or the area expires not only with the town-planning municipal legislation, but also with the autonomic one, the national and the community one.

Also he will verify that the building is inscribed properly addressed to his legal owner both in the Record of the Property and in the Cadastral Office, dependent on the Department of Economy and Treasury. The Report on Legality will be endorsed also by judicial real-estate experts members at the prestigious real-estate consultancy and district attorney ARKITET, who is provided with the award "Arch of Europe" to the excellence of the quality and the CC100 Quality System, between others.

The cost of the above mentioned Certificate is of 280 euros for members of the Asociacion ALOJA ESPAÑA. To be an associate is free.
With this REPORT ON LEGALITY, the buying future will be provided with all the necessary information to support his decision of buy. Equally, Félix Campillo, president of the Association ALOJA ALMERIA, thinks that the REPORT ON LEGALITY is imperative to be able to sleep well any person who has bought a home in Spain within the past ten years, principally if in the municipality of acquisition some difficult case can exist.

The Report on Legality also serve as legal evidence and a large team of judicial real-estate experts, usual partners of the Association ALOJA ESPAÑA will be able to advise and represent the owner who might have to defend their interests against the seller, against which the City Council granted Licenses or against the very order of house demolition.

The Association ALOJA ESPAÑA also it provides telephone free advice (spanish spoken is prefered) related to the housing to any that one that needs it, lawyers' list specialists or that take similar cases in his zone, as well as it makes persons' lists that are interested in obtaining in his locality housings in buy or rent at prices much more limited than those of market, but this time being provided with all the legal permissions; encouraging and supporting these groups in the constitution of co-operatives of housings and communities of goods.
The interested ones can obtain all kinds of information in English and in Spanish on this initiative of the Association ALOJA ESPAÑA on the web page www.arkitet.com, at the time that calling to the phone 950 26 47 49 in schedule from 9 until 14 hours or writing to asociacionaloja@gmail.com .
Also shortly the Association will put in functioning its own web page http://www.asociacionaloja.org/. Meanwhile you can visit the blog http://www.certificadodelegalidad.blogspot.com/
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